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About Pepe


Pepe Bao is without any doubt, one of the most unique and unrepeatable figures in Spanish music scene. Pirate by vocation, self-taught by training, eclectic by conviction, funny by nature, professional by dedication, and musician “to the deepest of his soul”

His ability to experiment and to assimilate new ideas seems to have no limits. Pepe plays any style, literally, and plays all of them as the best specialists in each one because he gets into them without fear and without prejudices, without anything or anyone beng able to limit him, and helped by a technique perfected by continuous practice that gives him the freedom to express what is in his mind through the electric bass, directly, without obstacles on the way.

Pepe Bao is widely recognized as one of the most important and influential names in the history of modern bass guitar playing in Spain. He is the man who brought the bass out of the back room and the irrelevance, and claimed all its musical value. Pepe has a vast experience in a variety of musical styles, including recording with countless artists as well as a huge number of live performances throughout his long musical career, which makes him an institution and a reference for more than a generation of bassists.

Among the many bands that Pepe has been part of, or in which he has worked as session bassist in some of their records (over 100 and counting) we could highlight Luz Casal, Barón Rojo, Medina Azahara, El Barrio, Raimundo Amador, Triana, Pastora Soler, Manolo Garcia, Sopa de Cabra, Criminales, Clandestinos, Maita Vende Ca, Remedios Amaya, Aurora Vargas, Maneta de Camioneta, etc … but certainly his most personal project, and the one that has placed him in the star level, is O’Funk’illo, a band that was well ahead of its time by introducing a mixture of music ranging from funk to the most powerful rock, and passing through flamenco or jazz. O’Funk’illo won the Music Award for Best Alternative Album in 2005 and has accumulated a legion of loyal fans who do not miss an opportunity to see the band live whenever they can in what is probably one of the best, more authentic and fun live shows in the Spanish music scene.

Currently Pepe combines his musical activity on his solo career, as well as with O’Funk’illo, Estricnina, Pepe Bao Trio, and other formations in which he collaborates, delivering master classes throughout Spain and South America and getting involved in projects for promoting music education and ethical business.